We have so far registered 65,620 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Francis AgnewFebruary 16, 1925Lived in Glasgow, UK
John AgnewFebruary 8, 1925Lived in 103 Beaufort, Birkenhead, UK
Willie AgnewJuly 18, 1924Born in Glasgow, UK
Ralph AgostiniJuly 26, 1916Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad
Marie France AgulbutFebruary 23, 1918Born in Seychelles
Bernhard AhearneJanuary 12, 1924Born in Cardiff, UK.
Lawrence A'HearneNovember 9, 1925Lived in Seamen's Home, Swansea
George Ahern (Akern)February 23, 1905Born in Glasgow, UK.
John Ashburn AhlquistAugust 21, 1901Lived in 67 Lavender Street, North Sydney, N.S.W. Australia
Allee AhmadLived in Thana-Boalkhaly, P.O. Boalkally Vill: Bengoora, India
Norman AhmedJuly 17, 1925Born in Edinburgh, Uk
Albert William AinscaughJune 24, 1920Born in Hull
AinsworthLived in W. Runciman & Co. Ltd. Pilgrim street, Newcastle on Tyne, Uk.
Arnold AinsworthOctober 9, 1922Born in Blackbourne, UK
E. AinsworthMay 19, 1920Born in Bolton
John S. AinsworthNovember 21, 1909Born in Liverpool, Uk
Robert AinsworthAugust 7, 1921Born in Folstone
William AinsworthOctober 18, 1915Born in Cheshire, Uk.
John AireyMay 9, 1920Born in London, England
Robert AisworthBorn in Folkestone, Uk.
Charles A. AitchisonApril 29, 1922Lived in 62 Gadle Street, Glasgow, Uk.
Georg AitchisonJuly 8, 1922Born in Sunderland
Ronald AithwaithDecember 7, 1923Born in Stockton
Bert AitkenJanuary 12, 1925Born in Cardiff
George AitkenJune 24, 1920Born in Crombie, Uk