We have so far registered 63,727 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Yu Kau Chang
Hsing ChanFebruary 7, 1908Born in Hong Kong
Hun Tai Chan1918Born in Hainan
Kaum Chung Chan
Kun ChanAugust 30, 1899Born in Kayton
Kwan Kark Chan1917Born in Shanghai
Lim Ah Chan1922Born in Kwangtung
Lin ChanBorn in Kwangtung
Ling Ah ChanApril 3, 1924
Chen Wei ChanngApril 19, 1910Born in Shanghai
Sam Chan
Sheng ChanOctober 24, 1898Born in Swatow
Tak Chan
Tin Ah ChanMarch 13, 1905Born in Shanghai
Wei Ying Chan
Yow Chan1886Born in Hainan
Chin Lin Chao
Suo Sie ChaoeLived in Singapore
Chang Juan Char
Lee Sik ChauBorn in Swatow
Charlie ChawLived in Tientsin
Chee Ten ChayApril 15, 1906Born in Swatow
Ah Nai Cheang1923
Chong Shun Che1900Born in Kwangtung
Chan Chai CheeBorn in Kwangtung