We have so far registered 65,624 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Georg Henry LeadleyAugust 23, 1917Born in Hull
Norman LeeMay 24, 1924
John Baron LeslieFebruary 22, 1903Born in London
George LewisAugust 7, 1924Born in Liverpool
William LewisApril 12, 1921Born in Port Talbot
James Stephen Burke LockyerMay 26, 1924Born in Leigh
George MackieJanuary 29, 1927Born in Newcastle, U.K.
James A. ManleyNovember 17, 1925Born in Glasgow
Keith Sidney (Sydney) MatthewsMay 4, 1922Born in Sydney, Australia
George MayDecember 18, 1920Born in Fraserburgh
Alfred Hugh McCrackenJanuary 24, 1927Born in Stawel, Australia
Angus McDonaldMarch 24, 1920Born in Glasgow
David McGarryNovember 19, 1926
Donald McGarvieJune 21, 1927Born in Liverpool
Douglas McGuire (MacGauire)June 25, 1925Lived in 145 Albion Street, Glasgow, UK
John Eric MillarOctober 26, 1899Born in Glasgow, Skottland
John Francis MurphyDecember 10, 1924Born in Dublin
Michael MurphyDecember 27, 1918
John MurrayMarch 25, 1926Lived in 43, Blackett Street Terrscots Wood
Donald ParkerOctober 21, 1923Born in Croydon, England
William PattersonDecember 7, 1924
Stanley PereiraJanuary 31, 1918Born in Georgetown, England
John Philip Quayle (Guayle)September 17, 1924Born in Liverpool, England
William Russel Benson RichardsonJanuary 27, 1916Born in Limerick
Anthony RogersJune 23, 1915Born in Jubbelpore