We have so far registered 59,906 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alfred Caldwell (Galdwell)November 27, 1921Born in Bluff
John C. CaldwellJuly 24, 1922Born in Owensound, Canada
Robert CaldwellNovember 30, 1923Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Robert CaldwellDecember 27, 1913Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Robert CaldwellDecember 27, 1924Born in Glasgow, Scotland
James Stanley Calenso (Colenso)July 3, 1926Born in Bristol
Daughton CalisteOctober 27, 1919Born in Grenada, W.Indies
Caetan Callaco1916Born in Goa
Thomas CallaghanSeptember 23, 1919Lived in 3,Lascelles Str., Marylebone, London, England
Thomas CallaghanFebruary 21, 1926Born in Liverpool, U.K.
William CallaghanOctober 26, 1923Lived in 8 Duff str., Greenock, Scotland
Edvard CallenApril 20, 1918Lived in 35 Kilmer Str., W.kensington, London, England
Yonquin S. Calley
H. Callow
Harry CallowJanuary 29, 1912Born in London, U.K.
Thomas CallowSeptember 19, 1926Born in Cardiff ,U.K.
Thomas CallumJuly 25, 1922Born in Glasgow, U.K.
Hugh Cally (Kelly)December 8, 1921Lived in Dock Gates, Ardrossan, Scotland
Edvard CalmanAugust 11, 1918Born in Port Albert
Jerry CalnenMarch 29, 1921Lived in 26 Edinburgh St., Halifax,
Ester CalotiusNovember 5, 1902Born in Finland
Cyril CalselDecember 8, 1921Born in St.Vincent
Caston CalsoSeptember 12, 1915Born in Sestao, Spania
Edvin CalverDecember 23, 1926Born in Hull, U.K.
Arthur CalvertOctober 21, 1924Lived in 7 Rekeby str., West Hartlepool, England