We have so far registered 64,673 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Anthony de GraffNovember 25, 1919Lived in Lovehaven 1656, Rotterdam, Holland
Lawrence N. Granger (Lorence)August 15, 1917Lived in Curacao
Theys GroenFebruary 25, 1893Born in Amsterdam, Nederland.
Jacob GuytOctober 24, 1919Born in Yauiden, Holland
Kornelis HarmsMarch 29, 1895Born in Ymuiden, Holland
Milton HartoghFebruary 7, 1924Born in St. Nicolas, Aruba
Pierre HassenNovember 4, 1917Born in Massdriet, Holland
Casparins HazekanpSeptember 23, 1906Born in Holland
Henrik HeuyserApril 27, 1897Lived in Tependaal 55, Rotterdam, Holland
Johannes Heyndyk (Haydnyk)January 9, 1918Born in Brielle, Netherlands
Märten HoedtJuly 9, 1908Lived in Spoorstret 13, Hordingen
Leendert HollanderSeptember 17, 1922Born in Katwijk
Georg Hulshoff
Martinius A. Høysman
Jannes van der JaghNovember 8, 1915Born in Groeningen
Willem F. JansenMarch 1, 1912Lived in Rotterdam, Holland
Fredrik A. JanssenFebruary 3, 1884Born in Rotterdam
Max Philbert JanssenApril 30, 1923Born in Paramaribo
Thomas JohnFebruary 16, 1906Lived in San Nicolas, Aruba
Jan de JongeMay 30, 1914Born in Rotterdam
Johannes de JongeOctober 10, 1878Born in Rotterdam
Maindert de JongJanuary 7, 1913Born in Holland
Treds JuelBorn in Nederland
Ludvik KeimJuly 10, 1901
Isaak De KloeMarch 8, 1908Born in Rotterdam