We have so far registered 68,113 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Jacob JacobsenJuly 28, 1900Lived in Langesgt. 5, Larvik
Jacob JacobsenApril 7, 1904Born in Oslo
Jacob JacobsenDecember 3, 1894Born in Nøtterøy
Jacob JacobsenAugust 30, 1881Lived in Gauterød, Slagen
Jacob JacobsenFebruary 16, 1909Born in Kongsberg
Jacob Andreas JacobsenMay 29, 1901Born in Lyngdal
Jacob Bartmann JacobsenJuly 10, 1887Born in Hvaler
Jacob Børresen JacobsenAugust 12, 1886Born in Brevik
Jacob Emil JacobsenOctober 31, 1920Born in Slagen
Jacob Henry JacobsenDecember 18, 1897Born in Fagersten, Nøtterøy
Jacob Hermann JacobsenOctober 14, 1889Born in Grimstad
Jacob Johannes JacobsenSeptember 14, 1886Born in Glemmen
Jacob Olai JacobsenSeptember 1, 1916Born in Kristiansund
Jacob Pritzcy JacobsenJune 20, 1920Born in Herad
Jacob Wendel JacobsenSeptember 18, 1909Lived in Brevik
Jan Magnus JacobsenFebruary 27, 1904Born in Tysnes
Jens JacobsenMarch 17, 1922Born in Oslo
Johan JacobsenMay 24, 1891Lived in Breiliveien 6, Sandar
Johan Christian JacobsenOctober 25, 1888Born in Lødingen
Johan Edvard JacobsenMay 17, 1905Born in Egenes
Johan Henry JacobsenFebruary 15, 1906Born in Brunlanes
Johan Leonard JacobsenJuly 17, 1894Born in Horten
Johannes JacobsenOctober 23, 1907Born in Skien
Johannes Henrik JacobsenMarch 24, 1920Born in Åsgårdstrand
Johan Sigvardt JacobsenFebruary 12, 1921Born in Molde