We have so far registered 63,724 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Selwyn J. NinkieAugust 27, 1924Born in Parnell
Patrick M. NuttAugust 7, 1927Born in Christchurch
Lawrence O'ConnerApril 5, 1926Born in Auckland
Keith OliverJuly 21, 1924Born in Greymoth
Mary Josephine O'QuinNovember 8, 1918Born in Newfondland
Therese Mary O`QuinnOctober 5, 1924Born in Newfondland
William Edvard Desmond O'SullivanMarch 23, 1914Born in Wellington NZ
R. Donald PalkNovember 9, 1919Born in Christchurch, New Zealand
Albert PartridgeJune 22, 1922Born in Patea, New Zealand
Cecil PayneMarch 1, 1925Born in Christchurch, New Zealand
Thomas Bryan PeekJuly 20, 1926Born in Auckland, New Zealand
Spencer F. PenberthyJanuary 13, 1912Born in Waihi, New Zealand
Rhodes William PetersonJanuary 1, 1926Born in Suva, Fiji
Jack PhillipsJune 3, 1910Born in Wellington
Denise Florence May RasmussenMay 21, 1913Born in Hastings, New Zealand
Philip RhodesAugust 20, 1907Lived in New Zealand
James Rodder
Fred RouseNovember 2, 1926Lived in Beechvood Royal Naval Camp, Sparkwell, Devon
Erle L. RudingsSeptember 7, 1929
Leslie George RusselSeptember 6, 1927
Warwich D. RyanDecember 18, 1928
Bruce SaugleyJune 22, 1926Born in Manaia N.Z.
George SertinJanuary 28, 1922Born in Liverpool
Charles H. SimmondsApril 12, 1903Born in Wellington, New Zealand
Frank Broadbent SimpsonJuly 6, 1927Born in Christchurch, New Zealand