We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Jacob Edvin AndreassenApril 5, 1900Born in Farsund
Johan Theodor AndreassenDecember 19, 1914Born in Lista
John Smith AndreassenMay 20, 1908Born in Lista
Hans Andreassen LundeAugust 28, 1903Born in Halse/Harkmark
Magnus Andreas AndreassenMarch 11, 1896Lived in Stautland
Otto Amandus AndreassenJanuary 15, 1907Born in Kjørrefjord, Farsund
Severin AndreassenApril 17, 1892Born in Hisø pr. Arendal
Gustav Erling Andreassen StaveSeptember 30, 1917Born in Lista
Sverre Magne AndreassenApril 19, 1913Born in Lista
Trygve AndreassenJune 20, 1921Born in Oslo
Karl Aksel AndresenOctober 10, 1922Born in Søgne
Karl Johan AndresenAugust 14, 1917Born in Kristiansand
Ragnar Ove AndresenAugust 14, 1915Born in Kristiansand S.
Rolf AndresenJuly 12, 1905Born in Kristiansand S.
Sverre AriansenAugust 9, 1913Born in Lista
Alfred Lund AriansonJune 28, 1900Born in Stor Audnedal
Birger ArnesenAugust 10, 1915Born in Søgne
Nils Helge ArnesenDecember 14, 1902Born in Kristiansand S.
Berthram Celius ArntsenApril 19, 1923Born in Kristiansand S.
Kristian Jost ArntzenOctober 30, 1896Born in Høvåg, Ramsøy
Martin August AskelundAugust 27, 1895Born in Farsund
Harald AskildsenMay 17, 1912Born in Kristiansand
Hans Arvid AslesenMay 20, 1918Born in Brevik
Thorleif AslesenJuly 3, 1920Born in Brevik
Oscar Theodor Wilhelm AugensenMarch 8, 1910Lived in E Office, London