We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alf Sigurd AndersenSeptember 9, 1921Born in Bergen
Anders AndersenApril 20, 1909Born in Bergen
Andreas AndersenSeptember 20, 1900Lived in Bjørnsonsgt 8, Bergen
Andreas Martin AndersenJuly 24, 1905Born in Bergen
Anton Ragnvald AndersenNovember 7, 1898Born in Bergen
Arne Berntin AndersenSeptember 21, 1921
Arnfred Olav AndersenFebruary 11, 1907Born in Bergen
Arthur Johan AndersenNovember 19, 1916Born in Laksevåg
Asbjørn Johan AndersenApril 8, 1923Born in Lindås
August AndersenOctober 19, 1888Born in Bergen
August AndersenMay 15, 1908Born in Bergen
Bernhard Olai AndersenNovember 28, 1889Born in Bergen
Birger Arnold AndersenMay 4, 1922Born in Bergen
Birger S. AndersenJune 13, 1916Lived in Bergen
Bjarne AndersenNovember 25, 1918Born in Askøy
Bjarne AndersenOctober 16, 1910Born in Bergen
Edvin AndersenJune 28, 1903Lived in Johan Behrensvei 2, Laksevåg, Bergen
Edvin AndersenApril 17, 1909
Edvin AndersenJanuary 13, 1918Born in Bergen
Egil Roald AndersenFebruary 2, 1920Born in Bergen
Einar AndersenFebruary 11, 1920Born in Odda
Einar AndersenOctober 16, 1909Born in Laksevåg
Erling Johan AndersenJuly 24, 1906Born in Bergen
Eugen Ringkjøb AndersenJuly 15, 1904Born in Vivelstad, Lier
Frank Malvin AndersenAugust 30, 1926Born in Bergen