We have so far registered 65,816 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John HeaneyFebruary 21, 1920Born in Noville
Robert HeaslipJuly 6, 1926Born in Ontario, Canada
Robert HeathSeptember 9, 1928Born in London, Ont. Canada
Reginald HebbMarch 7, 1923Born in Halifax, Canada
Dennis Charles HeberFebruary 12, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Jack HeightonSeptember 21, 1918
Frank HelletAugust 15, 1907Lived in Marystown, New Foundland
Bill HendersonSeptember 18, 1923Born in Ireland
Ena M. HendersonDecember 21, 1907Lived in 1007 Lunden Avenue, Victoria B.C. Canada
William HendersonSeptember 18, 1923
G. O. HendleyJune 21, 1921Born in Waterford, Canada
Arne J. HendricksonNovember 1, 1918Born in Chaplew, Ont., Canada
George HendryJanuary 10, 1928Born in Hamilton, Canada
Abraham Gilbert HendsbeeJune 23, 1924Born in Nova Scotia
James HenleyApril 9, 1913Born in New Foundland
Harry HerdSeptember 11, 1927Born in Scotland
Abram HermanDecember 23, 1918Lived in 1137 Victoria Ave., Regina, Sask., Canada
George HerrellMarch 22, 1922Born in Ontario, Canada
Earl W. HerrickAugust 19, 1923Born in Ottawa, Canada
Thomas L. HewittJune 14, 1911Born in Toronto, Canada
Victor HigdenAugust 16, 1924Born in Verdun, Quebec, Canada
Clifford HigginsJanuary 14, 1923Born in Mid Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
Kenneth Higgins (Huggins)August 24, 1927Born in Peterborough
John Harry HigginsJuly 18, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Norman H. HigginsApril 22, 1923Born in Toronto, Canada