We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Hans JacobsenJune 30, 1911Born in Helgeroa
Hans Albert JacobsenAugust 5, 1900Born in Sandar
Hans Eberg JacobsenJuly 13, 1880Born in Harstad
Hans L. JacobsenOctober 10, 1898Born in Tønsberg
Hans Olai JacobsenAugust 28, 1899Born in Onstad
Harald JacobsenOctober 10, 1923Born in Larvik
Harald JacobsenJanuary 20, 1906Born in Porsgrunn
Harald JacobsenMarch 18, 1897Born in Larvik
Harald Lofterød JacobsenJune 17, 1905Born in Sandar
Harald Theodor JacobsenMarch 9, 1900Born in Nærbø
Harald Trygve JacobsenMay 18, 1901Born in Harstad
Harry Jacob JacobsenMarch 3, 1919Lived in Onsøy
Harry Oldrup JacobsenDecember 22, 1903Born in Porsgrunn
Helfred JacobsenDecember 1, 1877Lived in Sandar
Helge JacobsenDecember 2, 1922Born in Staubo
Henry JacobsenSeptember 18, 1898Born in Brunlanes
Henry Mørch JacobsenDecember 21, 1914Born in Kristiansand
Herman JacobsenJanuary 15, 1908Born in Larvik
Herman Christian JacobsenJune 30, 1916Born in Fredrikstad
Hjalmar Jacobsen
Hjalmar Konrad JacobsenDecember 26, 1894Born in Molde
Hjalmar William JacobsenJanuary 25, 1904Born in Moss
Håkon JacobsenNovember 13, 1894
Ingvald J. J. JacobsenMarch 1, 1890Born in Lofoten
Ingvald Olai JacobsenDecember 28, 1901Born in Lindås