We have so far registered 62,681 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alfred SlyJuly 13, 1919Born in Gunnis Lake, England
Joseph SmalesJune 23, 1921Born in Owerpole, England
Harold SmallApril 19, 1920Born in Rotherham, England
Wilfred SmallNovember 3, 1914Born in Withnell, England
Harry SmartNovember 29, 1921Born in London, England
Jack SmartOctober 13, 1916Born in West Hartlepool, England
Ronald SmartJune 9, 1923Born in Smithwick, England
Albert Smedley
Daniel C. SmillieAugust 9, 1916Born in Scotland
A. SmithOctober 14, 1916Born in Beatock, England
Albert SmithDecember 4, 1913Born in Yorks, England
Albert Fredrik SmithFebruary 4, 1921Born in London, England
Alfred SmithApril 28, 1921Born in Watford, England
Archibald SmithSeptember 11, 1921Born in London, England
Arthur SmithNovember 9, 1923Born in Oldham, England
Arthur SmithSeptember 21, 1924Born in S. Bridge, England
Arthur SmithDecember 26, 1924Born in Derby, England
Arthur SmithFebruary 9, 1918Born in Chelmsford, England
Benjamin SmithMarch 29, 1920Born in Bradford, England
Bert SmithMay 26, 1922Born in Blythbridge, England
C. Smith
C. E. SmithJuly 8, 1911Born in Coleford, England
Clifford SmithAugust 17, 1924Born in Surrey, England
C. R. SmithAugust 26, 1916Born in Kindley, England
Crafford P. Smith