We have so far registered 58,107 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Einar AndersenFebruary 9, 1913Born in Sem
Einar AndersenNovember 23, 1913Born in Tønsberg
Einar AndersenSeptember 27, 1896Born in Sandar
Einar Bernhard AndersenJanuary 28, 1894Born in Hedrum
Erling Anton AndersenApril 4, 1918Born in Sandar
Frithjof AndersenNovember 15, 1898Born in Sem
Fritz Ingvar AndersenApril 8, 1905Born in Nøtterøy
Fritz Wilhelm AndersenMarch 5, 1905Born in Moss
Georg AndersenMay 3, 1895Lived in Slagen, Tønsberg
Georg AndersenSeptember 9, 1902Born in Skien
Hans Martin AndersenMarch 29, 1903Born in Sandar
Hans Martin AndersenMarch 23, 1924Born in Tjølling
Hans Sigurd AndersenJune 26, 1902Born in Arendal
Hansteen Joachim AndersenSeptember 16, 1909Born in Nøtterøy
Harald AndersenJune 23, 1897Born in Sandefjord
Harald AndersenJuly 13, 1892Born in Tjølling
Harald AndersenMay 12, 1910Born in Hedrum
Harald AndersenSeptember 26, 1910Lived in Lofterød, Nøtterøy pr. Tønsberg
Harald AndersenAugust 22, 1900Born in Tønsberg
Harald Marensius AndersenSeptember 15, 1896Lived in Solfall, Nanset, Larvik
Helge AndersenJanuary 8, 1904Born in Tromsø
Henry Anton AndersenFebruary 17, 1904Born in Kristiansand
Hilmar Anton AndersenJuly 19, 1891Born in Larvik
Håkon AndersenDecember 11, 1901
Håkon Adolf AndersenAugust 21, 1875Born in Sandar