We have so far registered 63,716 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James RotherhamJuly 4, 1922Born in Widnes
Lawrence Rothnie (Rothnic)August 28, 1903
Joseph RourkeSeptember 21, 1921Born in Bacup
Frederick RouseFebruary 5, 1922Born in London
Frederick RouseDecember 1, 1908Born in Seathing
A. O. Rouske
I. RouthyLived in 91 Julketz Str., Southport
Robert RovlandsDecember 30, 1925Born in Dinerwick
Ernest RowanApril 22, 1919Born in Leith
James RowanAugust 26, 1916Born in Liverpool
John RowanMay 11, 1915Lived in 44 Madrid Str., Belfast, Irland
John N. RowanSeptember 8, 1920Born in Leeds
S. Rowbotham
Harry Ronald RoweJune 6, 1926Born in Shrewsbury
John RoweLived in 15 Wheaka Crescent Salford 7, Manchester
John Henry RoweJune 29, 1926Lived in 39 Tresavle Rd., Falmoth
Kenneth RoweJanuary 8, 1921Born in Morriston
Fredrik RowellFebruary 7, 1928Born in Narracoarte
P. RoweNovember 9, 1923Born in Bristol
Samuel RoweSeptember 21, 1913Born in Lambeth
S. J. RoweDecember 26, 1923Born in Falmouth
Donald RowlandSeptember 12, 1925Born in Wallsey
Edward RowlandOctober 19, 1921
Kenneth RowlandSeptember 5, 1927Born in Hull
Albert RowleyDecember 8, 1911Born in N. Shields