We have so far registered 58,307 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Luis Vatt (Watt)April 4, 1924Born in London
Francis VaudreySeptember 21, 1921Born in Liverpool
Robert VaughamDecember 18, 1926Born in Maryport
E. VaughanNovember 11, 1921Born in Gravesend
Lionel VaughanJanuary 22, 1919Born in Margate
John Alfred VauseNovember 23, 1923Born in Ferrybridge
Georg Roy VazDecember 7, 1918Born in Jamaica
Kenneth VazAugust 2, 1919Born in Jamaica
Roy George VazNovember 7, 1919Born in Jamaica
Carlos VellaMay 8, 1918Born in London
Joseph L. VellinoMay 16, 1906Born in Artington
Joseph VineDecember 24, 1921Born in London
Ernest VortingaleMay 31, 1923Born in Bristol
Leonard VowlesFebruary 6, 1923Lived in 44 Oldsworth Rd. Cardiff
Fred WaddenSeptember 27, 1913Born in New Waterford, Canada
Geoffrey WaddingtonOctober 12, 1920Born in Bolton, U.K.
James WaddleOctober 24, 1922Born in Gateshead, U.K.
James Waddle
Alex WadeOctober 12, 1905
John WadeMarch 7, 1923Lived in 18 Camborne Road, Horfield, Bristol 7, U.K.
William WadeMarch 31, 1916Born in Manchester, U.K.
George WadkinJun 1923Born in Spofforth.
Eric Donald WadleyJanuary 14, 1922Born in Gloucester, U.K.
Hassin Mohamed Wafa (Mohamed)1925Lived in Gaselie rd., 7, Alexandria
Keith WagnerMay 9, 1927Born in Fremantle, Australia