We have so far registered 65,379 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alf Riiber ChristensenJuly 7, 1914Born in Rossøy, Øyestad
Alf Saxe ChristensenJanuary 8, 1920Born in Sandefjord
Anders Christian ChristensenOctober 28, 1886Born in Sandar
Arne ChristensenJuly 17, 1912Born in Rjukan
Arne Bay ChristensenApril 18, 1916Born in Oslo
Arne Henrik ChristensenFebruary 8, 1918Born in Oslo
Arne Skjelbred ChristensenMay 17, 1904Born in Sandar
Arnfinn Reinhart ChristensenMarch 17, 1920Born in Lyngdal
Charles Cyril ChristensenJanuary 21, 1906Born in London
Charles Waldemar ChristensenApril 2, 1919Born in Trondheim
Christen ChristensenSeptember 10, 1879Born in Hoievarde, Avaldsnes, Kopervik
Christen Amandus ChristensenAugust 23, 1899Born in Sandefjord
Christen Fredrik ChristensenSeptember 19, 1911Lived in Jegersborggt, 27 a, Larvik
Christian ChristensenMay 15, 1887Born in Nøtterøy
Christian ChristensenBorn in Sandar
Christian Selmer ChristensenJanuary 10, 1923Born in Arendal
Conrad ChristensenSeptember 20, 1888Born in Sandar
Egil Frank ChristensenSeptember 26, 1914Born in Sem
Einar ChristensenMay 27, 1914Born in Tønsberg
Einar Gerhard ChristensenApril 20, 1913Born in Bergen
Einar Karsten ChristensenMay 26, 1921Born in Sem
Elna Marie ChristensenApril 11, 1893Born in Oslo
Emil ChristensenDecember 16, 1877Born in Nøtterø
Erik Meidel ChristensenOctober 7, 1917Born in Risør
Erling ChristensenOctober 26, 1921Born in Flosta