We have so far registered 68,123 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alf Gudbrand JohansenMay 2, 1922Born in Sarpsborg
Alf William JohansenJuly 1, 1895Born in Glemmen
Anders JohansenJune 25, 1900Born in Onsøy
Andreas JohansenFebruary 10, 1897Born in Moss
Andreas Reis JohansenJuly 8, 1898Lived in Sarpsborg
Annar Øistein JohansenSeptember 16, 1911Born in Fredrikstad
Antoni JohansenSeptember 18, 1905Born in Onsøy
Arne Josef JohansenOctober 20, 1918Born in Fredrikstad
Sigurd Johansen BergerudFebruary 7, 1895Born in Varteig
Bjarne Huth JohansenOctober 9, 1908Born in Fredrikstad
Bjarne Laurentius JohansenJanuary 1, 1898Born in Glemmen
Bjarne Sigurd JohansenOctober 10, 1906Born in Hvaler
Bjarne (Tvete) JohansenApril 6, 1922Born in Fredrikstad
Egil Johannes JohansenSeptember 21, 1907Born in Vestby
Einar JohansenApril 29, 1895Born in Sarpsborg
Eivind Strand JohansenNovember 30, 1917Born in Torsnes
Fridtjof Laurel JohansenMay 30, 1905Born in Tanum, Sverige
Gunnar Johansen December 20, 1921Born in Borge
Gunnar Torfinn JohansenMarch 22, 1921Born in Halden
Gustav Adolf JohansenApril 15, 1879Lived in Fjellgt. 11, Fredrikstad.
Guttorm Martinius JohansenDecember 27, 1923Born in Moss
Hans Martin JohansenAugust 9, 1893Lived in Kjærre, Onsøy
Hans Olaus JohansenApril 29, 1917Born in Hvaler
Harald JohansenApril 2, 1907Born in Fredrikstad
Harald Eugen JohansenDecember 23, 1905Born in Hvaler