We have so far registered 68,207 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Ingolf Normann NicolaysenOctober 4, 1907Lived in Lien 24, Bergen
Just Charles NicolaysenMarch 14, 1894Born in Sandar
Leif NicolaysenFebruary 26, 1898Born in Porsgrunn
Per NicolaysenMarch 10, 1921Born in Øyestad
Ragnvald NicolaysenMay 9, 1896Born in Skien
Adolf Teodor NielsenFebruary 14, 1880Born in Oslo
Alf Konrad NielsenApril 7, 1895Born in Foynland
Anders NielsenOctober 8, 1878Born in Nøtterøy
Arne Johannes NielsenJune 6, 1912Born in Oslo
Arnt Wolmar NielsenDecember 26, 1919Born in Hedrum
Atle S. NielsenDecember 22, 1892Lived in Sandar
August Alexander NielsenNovember 29, 1909Born in Flostad
Bjarne NielsenJuly 30, 1909Born in Porsgrunn
Bjørn Hugo NielsenSeptember 1, 1922Born in Hedrum
Carl Einar NielsenJanuary 8, 1895Lived in Oslo
Carl Martin NielsenNovember 26, 1905Born in Flosta
Egil NielsenSeptember 13, 1899Born in Trondheim
Erling NielsenSeptember 17, 1908Born in Drammen
Erling Andreas NielsenNovember 27, 1892Born in Tønsberg
Finn NielsenAugust 10, 1917Born in Fana
Finn NielsenSeptember 19, 1914Born in Lillesand
Gerhard Berg NielsenJanuary 3, 1918Born in Bergen
Gerhard Ingvard NielsenJune 27, 1893Born in Dypvåg
Halfdan Johan NielsenSeptember 25, 1916Born in Dypvåg
Halfdan Th. NielsenJanuary 11, 1909Born in Kragerø