We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Alexander CameronOctober 12, 1919Born in Punchbove, Australia
Allan CameronDecember 10, 1916Born in Sydney, Australia
Allan D. CameronJuly 20, 1926Born in Sydney NSW, Australia
Arthur CameronAugust 7, 1915Born in Paisley, Scotland
Baden CameronAugust 9, 1926Born in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Bruce Hubert CameronJanuary 31, 1918
Colin CameronNovember 20, 1924Born in Adelaide, Australia
Collin Campbell CameronJune 20, 1917Born in Sydney, Australia
Frank V. CameronJanuary 10, 1916Lived in 1240 Hay Str., Perth, W.A., Australia
Jack Gordon CameronMarch 7, 1925Lived in 81 Harrow St., Dunedin, New Zealand
James CameronMay 17, 1924Lived in 4 Bedley Str., Glasgow, Scotland
James Arthur CameronJuly 13, 1925Born in Manchester U.K.
John CameronAugust 9, 1908Lived in Fort William, Scotland
John CameronAugust 9, 1927Born in Sydney NS, Canada
John CameronNovember 9, 1925Born in Sydney Nova Scotia
Kevin CameronSeptember 27, 1926Born in Sydney NSW, Australia
Ray Carlton CameronApril 28, 1926Born in Lindsay, Ont., Canada
Richard CameronOctober 1, 1907Born in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Robert CameronLived in North Shields
Robert Charles CameronMay 11, 1925Born in Greenock
Robert J. CameronDecember 14, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Stuart Colin CameronApril 19, 1914Born in Glengary Ont.
Thomas CameronAugust 28, 1922Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Thomas CameronMay 20, 1923Lived in St.Johns Hill, Glasgow ,Scotland
William CameronAugust 8, 1915Born in Glasgow, Scotland