We have so far registered 68,134 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Knut Magnus Haugerud AndersenNovember 25, 1911Born in Fredrikstad
Knut Torstein AndersenOctober 29, 1922Born in Sarpsborg
Knut Werner AndersenJanuary 24, 1920Born in Kråkerøy
Kristian AndersenJuly 19, 1894Born in Tune
Kristian Oliver AndersenMarch 30, 1918Born in Kråkerøy
Michael Marensius AndersenFebruary 16, 1894Born in Borge
Nils AndersenNovember 14, 1920Lived in Manstad, Vestre Onsøy,
Oddvar Egil AndersenDecember 14, 1917Born in Fredrikstad
Oddvar Normann AndersenAugust 28, 1911Born in Fredrikstad
Olaf AndersenAugust 4, 1914Born in Skjeberg
Olaf Andersen1896Lived in Fredrikstad
Olaus AndersenMay 5, 1881Born in Onsøy
Olav Wincents AndersenFebruary 17, 1913Born in Borgenhaugen i Skjeberg kommune
Ole Kristian AndersenDecember 23, 1889Born in Brunlanes
Olger Helmin AndersenApril 2, 1898Lived in Strandsgaard, Nordby
Oscar William AndersenApril 12, 1896Born in Chicago
Per Sigmund AndersenJuly 27, 1916Born in Fredrikstad
Ragnar Arnold AndersenApril 22, 1900Born in Glemmen
Ragnar William AndersenAugust 23, 1920Born in Strømmen
Ragnvald Asbjørn AndersenMarch 10, 1922Born in Glemmen
Reidar Gran AndersenJanuary 7, 1912Born in Onsøy
Reidar Josef AndersenJanuary 25, 1907Born in Fredrikstad
Reidar Sigmund AndersenMay 7, 1923Born in Glemmen pr. Fredrikstad
Reinert (Grythe) AndersenNovember 4, 1895Born in Tune
Rolf Johannes AndersenSeptember 8, 1903Born in Kråkerøy