We have so far registered 63,745 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Samuel SmithFebruary 18, 1922Born in Edlington, England
Sidney SmithMay 7, 1921Born in Kent, England
Stanley John SmithDecember 4, 1924Born in Dowden Well, England
Wallis SmithJune 9, 1920Born in St. Helier, Sør-Afrika
W. H. SmithSeptember 1, 1924Born in Gravesend, England
Wilfred SmithFebruary 26, 1914Born in Middlesboro, England
William SmithOctober 1, 1908Born in Sunderland, England
William Henry SmithJune 20, 1922Born in Adelaide, Australia
Willy SmithSeptember 12, 1919Born in Bradford, England
Fred SnapeFebruary 26, 1907Born in Wheelton, Chorley, England
Fredrick SnapeFebruary 2, 1913Born in Rochdale, England
Alfred Ch. Snellgrove1915
H. W. SnellingJuly 27, 1922Born in London, England
Joseph Edward SnidallJune 26, 1921Born in Sheffield, England
John Richard SnowMarch 28, 1921Born in Croydon, England
Gorge SodenApril 4, 1920Born in Wrexham, England
Erling SolholmFebruary 8, 1917Born in Sør-Aukra
Håkon SolåsApril 21, 1920Born in Bergen
Arcy R. G. SorleyJune 11, 1922Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Alec SoutarJuly 24, 1921Born in Airdria, Scotland
Victor SouthgateAugust 16, 1922Born in London, England
Harry M. SouthwellAugust 1, 1913Born in Maryport, England
Harold SouthyFebruary 7, 1925Born in Gt. Yarmouth, England
Alfred T. SpeedSeptember 23, 1923Born in Dorset, England
Charles SpenceAugust 8, 1925Born in Hartlepool, England