We have so far registered 59,916 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Leif Ragnvald AndersenJanuary 17, 1914Born in Fana
Ludvik Arthur AndersenMay 31, 1903Born in Bergen
Magne Laurits AndersenSeptember 16, 1923Born in Bergen
Malvin AndersenDecember 19, 1922Born in Bergen
Ola Lauritz Andersen MælandMarch 28, 1918Born in Tysnes
Karl Andersen NepstadMarch 24, 1899Born in Hamre
Nils Solheim AndersenNovember 3, 1913Born in Odda
Odd AndersenMay 27, 1921Born in Bergen
Olav Gerhard AndersenJuly 29, 1913Born in Bergen
Olav Johan AndersenOctober 8, 1883Born in Bergen
Peder AndersenSeptember 17, 1916Born in Espelid, Samnanger
Petter Mogens AndersenAugust 20, 1897Born in Grimstad
Reidar AndersenMay 10, 1918Born in Bergen
Reidar AndersenMay 18, 1921Born in Austrheim, Bergen
Reidar Georg Hovland AndersenJune 24, 1901Born in Nøtterøy
Reider Johan AndersenNovember 21, 1911Born in Bergen
Harry Andersen SekkingstadMarch 16, 1920Born in Laksevåg
Sigurd Amandus AndersenJuly 2, 1903Born in Bergen
Sverre Anaton AndersenNovember 12, 1912Born in Tromsøysund
Sverre M. AndersenMay 12, 1927Born in Bergen
Trygg AndersenFebruary 9, 1912Born in Gausvik i Senjen (Harstad)
Trygve AndersenMay 16, 1920Born in Bergen
Trygve Emil AndersenJuly 17, 1909Born in Bergen
Trygve Rudolf AndersenJuly 14, 1895Born in Bergen
Ulrik Olai AndersenMay 4, 1906Born in Fjell