We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Olaf Martin OlsenJuly 14, 1917Born in Bergen
Olaf Martin OlsenJune 7, 1917Born in Bergen
Olaf (Olav) Martin OlsenSeptember 10, 1915Born in Bergen
Olaf Østen OlsenSeptember 4, 1880Born in Bergen
Olav OlsenNovember 3, 1892Born in Hadsel i Vesterålen
Olav OlsenJuly 7, 1916Born in Bergen
Olav Bovitz OlsenMay 15, 1922Born in Bergen
Olav Hjelland OlsenMay 1, 1916Born in Tysnes
Olav Martin OlsenSeptember 30, 1920Born in Stavanger
Olav Martin OlsenJuly 30, 1919Born in Bergen
Ole OlsenJuly 11, 1910Born in Bergen
Ole August OlsenApril 7, 1888Born in Bergen
Ole John OlsenJanuary 1, 1894Born in Meløy
Oluf Andreas OlsenFebruary 20, 1904Born in Bergen
Oluf Martin OlsenJuly 4, 1889Born in Bergen
Oscar Leonard OlsenMarch 31, 1904Born in Bergen
Kaare Ivan Olsen (Osem)October 3, 1919Born in Fana
Peder Johan OlsenJuly 23, 1884Born in Bergen
Randulf Martin OlsenApril 3, 1913Born in Bergen
Reidar Karl OlsenMarch 1, 1912Born in Bergen
Elling Olsen RimmereideSeptember 19, 1898Born in Fitjar
Roald OlsenDecember 16, 1920Born in Bergen
Rolf Johannes OlsenDecember 22, 1915Born in Bergen
Salamon OlsenApril 20, 1906Born in Fitjar
Sigurd OlsenAugust 11, 1895Born in Bergen