We have so far registered 62,182 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Robert CameronLived in North Shields
Robert Charles CameronMay 11, 1925Born in Greenock
Robert J. CameronDecember 14, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Stuart Colin CameronApril 19, 1914Born in Glengary Ont.
Thomas CameronAugust 28, 1922Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Thomas CameronMay 20, 1923Lived in St.Johns Hill, Glasgow ,Scotland
William CameronAugust 8, 1915Born in Glasgow, Scotland
William CameronAugust 11, 1923Lived in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
William CameronMay 12, 1925Born in Menningie
William Bond CameronMay 11, 1921Born in Legbrannock, Storbritannia
Charles CamiesSeptember 17, 1895Born in McLeod, Alberta, Canada
Calvin CamilleJuly 31, 1923Lived in Lindwood
Edward CamilleDecember 5, 1922Born in Seychelles
Carme Camiller1889
Giovanni CamillereJanuary 9, 1902Born in Torre de Greco, Italia
Paul CamilleriAugust 15, 1902Born in Malta
Phillip CamilleriMarch 21, 1926Born in Malta
Francesco CaminitiApril 1, 1886Born in Villas Slovani
Camitoolla1891Lived in c/o Shipping Master, Calcutta, India
Lennox Camona
Georgios CamorinosFebruary 16, 1900Born in Rites, Greece
Jack CampballFebruary 22, 1926Born in Londonderry, Irland
Alan Bruce CampbellMarch 27, 1927Born in Orange
Angus J. CampbellApril 28, 1923
Bernhard CampbellMay 15, 1925Born in Eire