We have so far registered 65,649 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Bob HoneSeptember 1, 1922Lived in Hamilton, Ont., Canada
Eric HonsingerJuly 18, 1925Born in Moorfield
Archibald Hooper
Manley G. HooperOctober 25, 1920Born in Ontario, Canada
Clarence Edgar Hoover
Humann HopewdFebruary 15, 1910Lived in 149 Winsor Street, Halifax, Canada
I. HorneDecember 31, 1914Born in Cutaria
William HorneSeptember 17, 1924Born in Halifax, Canada
Knut Emil HornfeltMarch 10, 1914Born in Saskatschwan, Canada
George M. HoshalOctober 29, 1908Born in Toronto, Canada
William Eugene HoskinJanuary 22, 1924Born in Brandford, Canada
Harry HotchkissJuly 10, 1927Born in Tillsonburg, Canada
Ernest HoughApril 4, 1912Born in Corby Bourne,
Albert HouseNovember 27, 1923Born in Catelins
John S. HouseworthJune 2, 1927Born in Wodstock, Canada
Kenneth HoustonJuly 6, 1927Born in Ontario, Canada
John Raymond HowardSeptember 18, 1923Born in Montreal, Canada
Freeman HoweApril 1, 1924Born in Newcastle N.B., Canada
Bruce HowlettFebruary 9, 1927Born in Regina, Canada
Bernhard HughesNovember 29, 1914Born in St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Delbert HullFebruary 11, 1923Born in Sutton
Douglas HullDecember 28, 1917Born in kenora, Canada
Johan HulmeJanuary 13, 1892Born in Toronto, Canada
Barry E. HumphreysMay 27, 1924Lived in 52 Dominion Street, Truro, N.S., Canada
Richard R. HumphreysFebruary 10, 1901Born in N. Wells,