We have so far registered 65,773 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Julio C. Zoilo RamirezMarch 10, 1922Born in Babahojo
Oscar RamirezSeptember 2, 1918Lived in Passage 15 nr. 49 Tocopilla
Syed Ahmed Syed Ramja
Kaiidas Ramji1919
Mohan Ramji1921Born in Karachi
Thorolf RamletNovember 8, 1910Born in Holt
Einar RammSeptember 17, 1900Born in Bergen
Harald RammOctober 20, 1895Born in Sandar
Johan RammMay 12, 1911Born in Estonia
Edward RamolaJuly 24, 1913Born in Laanemaa
Mikal RamoOctober 6, 1914Born in Hadsel
Lorrento RamonJuly 9, 1906Born in San Mogustin
Jose S. C. RamosMarch 2, 1924Born in Villa Road
Juan RamosOctober 25, 1907Born in Ferrol
Julio RamosJanuary 1, 1893Born in Alcobaca
Georges Ramoundoz
Alexander RamsayNovember 13, 1902Lived in 4. Wheatfield Place, Edinburgh
Edward RamsayJune 22, 1919
Edward RamsayJune 22, 1919Lived in Chathamhead N.B. Canada
James RamsayJanuary 7, 1924Born in Greenock
John Ramsay (Ramsey)September 9, 1922Lived in 2. Simpson St. Sunderland
George RamsbottonJanuary 9, 1921Born in Hakefield
Einar RamsdalMay 19, 1913Born in Sør-Audnedal
Johannes RamsdalDecember 29, 1912Born in Valestrand, Sveio
Toralf Georg Bentsen RamsdalAugust 15, 1914Born in Sør-Audnedal