We have so far registered 63,776 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Tien L. Chen1902Born in Kwangtung
Wong Yet ChenBorn in Ningpo
Yu Sun Chen
Au CheongNovember 24, 1891
Chan Cheong1901Born in Canton
Hui (Ah) Cheong
Kat Sin CheongBorn in Shanghai
Lam Cheong1910
Min Tok Cheong
Chee Don Cheu
Dow Chuck Cheu
Lim Tai Cheum1906Born in Swatow
Chan S. CheungMarch 24, 1906Born in Weichow
Hen Hing CheungNovember 15, 1910Born in Chingwangtao
Hin Ying Cheung
Hung Cheung1919Born in Hong Kong
Khoo Yung CheungBorn in Teng Hai
Pung CheungLived in Shanghai
Lum Sum Cheun1917Born in Kwangtung
Ah Yip Chew
Aj Jong ChewLived in Hainan
Ay Chuan Chew
Chao Chew
Ting Ah Chewee
Foo Chee Chew1913Born in Hainan