We have so far registered 58,167 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Donald CoughlinApril 20, 1920Born in Dorchester
Wallace CowardLived in Sylvia Box 102, N. Carl.
Randolph Lee CrandlemireAugust 3, 1908Born in USA
Westley CraneAugust 9, 1918Born in U.S.A.
William CronanJune 28, 1925Born in San Francisco
Donald CrouseJuly 12, 1918Born in St.Charles, Penn.
Gustav CuccieMarch 18, 1923Lived in 82 Winthrop Ave., Revere, Mase.
Francine CummingsNovember 6, 1909Born in Penn. USA
Ruthonu D`amoteBorn in USA
Courneen DeweyJuly 17, 1922Born in San Francisco
Carl DewisSeptember 4, 1922Born in USA
Raymond DialDecember 28, 1909Born in Viron
John DianaJanuary 1, 1917Born in Italia
Joseph DiasJanuary 29, 1919Born in N.J. USA
Shayne M. DillonAugust 22, 1926Born in USA
Sarkis Dimirdjian1914Born in Sorkis
Esther DinkinJune 14, 1922Born in Chicago
Neil R. DobesJune 14, 1911Born in Charlotte
Fernando DomingoJanuary 13, 1895Born in Watsonwille
James W. Donaldsen
Wm. H. DoughertyMay 28, 1925
Edward A. DrevnackMay 6, 1927Born in USA
Luiz DuarteMarch 19, 1910Born in Doge, Rio Grande
Adams John DubeisDecember 26, 1908Born in Boston
Richard DudmanMay 3, 1918