We have so far registered 62,230 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Harry J. SmithJuly 24, 1924Born in Birkenhead, England
Henry SmithJanuary 18, 1923Born in London, England
Henry SmithDecember 17, 1907Born in Arbroath, Scotland
James SmithJune 5, 1923Born in Liverpool, England
James SmithSeptember 18, 1917Born in Glasgow, Scotland
James SmithAugust 14, 1912Born in Blackburn, England
Joe Smith1922Born in Oldham, England
John SmithDecember 8, 1924Born in Glasgow, Scotland
John SmithAugust 6, 1921Born in Liverpool, England
John SmithApril 24, 1912Born in Grangemouth, England
John SmithFebruary 23, 1916Born in Barrow-in-Furness
Joseph SmithApril 4, 1922Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Joseph F. SmithFebruary 28, 1911Born in Hindley, England
J. R. Smith
Keith William SmithFebruary 19, 1921Born in Sydney, Australia
Kenneth SmithJanuary 26, 1920Born in Wakefield, England
Kenneth SmithJanuary 20, 1924Born in Sheffield, England
Leslie Smith1920Born in Liverpool, England
Norman SmithJune 22, 1922Born in Lincolnshire, England
Norman SmithJanuary 24, 1924Born in Birmingham, England
Reginald SmithAugust 3, 1922Born in Bath, England
Reginald A. SmithAugust 21, 1918Born in Thurmiston, England
Reginald B. SmithAugust 9, 1925Born in Birmingham, England
Richard Smith
Robert Lambert SmithApril 11, 1922Born in Glasgow, England