We have so far registered 58,220 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Eric AllenMay 20, 1926Born in Liverpool, Uk
Eric AllenNovember 7, 1912Born in Salford, Uk
Frank AllenMarch 5, 1923Born in Liverpool, Uk
Frank AllenFebruary 1, 1924Lived in Liverpool
Fredrick AllenMay 27, 1924Lived in 10 Clayford Place, Liverpool 13, Uk.
James AllenJune 19, 1907Born in Durham, Uk
James W. AllenMay 1, 1925Born in Scarborough
John AllenApril 22, 1922Born in London, Uk
Lionel William AllenFebruary 24, 1920Born in Sommerset, England
Mark AllenSeptember 9, 1919Born in Hull, England
Patrick AllenJanuary 11, 1911Born in South Wales, Uk
Percy AllenAugust 9, 1923Born in Folkstone, Uk
R. AllenAugust 25, 1925Born in Bristol, Uk
Robert John AllenJune 23, 1920Born in Natal, Syd Afrika
T. Allen
Thomas AllenNovember 13, 1915Born in England
Walter AllenAugust 10, 1921Born in Newcastle, Uk
William AllenMay 18, 1910Born in Rochdale, Uk
William Patrick AllenMarch 16, 1920Born in Dorcaster, Uk
Winfield AllenFebruary 4, 1918Born in Barbados
Fred AllerstonDecember 29, 1923Born in Hull
Archibald AllisonMarch 1, 1925Born in Glasgow, Uk
Archibald AllisonJune 28, 1923Born in Glasgow, UK
Edward Gray AllisonJanuary 12, 1922Born in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Uk
Govin G. AllisonAugust 28, 1904