We have so far registered 55,840 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Oddleiv Magne RasmussenMay 29, 1918Born in Mandal
Odin Martinus RasmussenAugust 16, 1908Born in Bergen
Olaf Nordanger RasmussenJanuary 17, 1921Born in Bergen
Olav Mandius Bleivik RasmussenApril 16, 1910Born in Haugesund
Olav Petter Magnus RasmussenJanuary 27, 1918Born in Lofoten
Ole Andreas RasmussenJanuary 6, 1918Born in Haugesund
Oluf Thor RasmussenJuly 15, 1922Born in Skien
Paulus Andreas RasmussenApril 14, 1902Born in Selfjord
Peder Johan RasmussenFebruary 6, 1888Born in Årstad
Ragnar RasmussenJuly 30, 1913Born in Trondheim
Ragnvald RasmussenSeptember 15, 1899Born in Haugesund
Ragnvald Alf RasmussenDecember 6, 1912Born in Gjøvik
Ragnvald Johan RasmussenDecember 30, 1919Born in Stokken, Arendal
Randulf RasmussenOctober 9, 1912Born in Vevlestad
Rasmus RasmussenAugust 12, 1895Born in Stavanger
Rasmus Andreas RasmussenJune 24, 1910Born in Fræna
Rasmus Thor RasmussenMarch 7, 1892Born in Sand
Reidar Kåre RasmussenFebruary 16, 1922Born in Bergen
Reidar Rolf H. RasmussenMay 31, 1914
Reidar Trygve RasmussenMarch 14, 1917Born in Loddefjord.
Reinhardt Laurentius RasmussenAugust 19, 1887Born in Skien
Rikart RasmussenJuly 28, 1916Born in Nedre Eiker
Robert RasmussenOctober 26, 1898Born in Herdla
Rolf RasmussenApril 30, 1918Born in Holt
Rolf Arnold RasmussenFebruary 11, 1924Born in Haugesund