We have so far registered 61,905 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Magnus AndreassenDecember 25, 1919Born in Arendal
Martin AndreassenJanuary 3, 1884Born in Dypvåg
Nils Petter Ole AndreassenJune 4, 1901Born in His pr. Arendal
Olaf Emil AndreassenSeptember 3, 1907Born in Grimstad
Ole AndreassenDecember 5, 1895Born in Dypvåg
Ole Fagernes AndreassenOctober 24, 1919Born in Fjære, Grimstad
Oskar Barth AndreassenDecember 8, 1909Born in Grimstad
Otto Solberg AndreassenAugust 4, 1918Born in Arendal
Ove Sofus AndreassenMay 11, 1912Born in Arendal
Severin AndreassenApril 17, 1892Born in Hisø pr. Arendal
Sigurd Kristoffer AndreassenDecember 9, 1888Born in Dypvåg
Tjøstol Anton AndreassenJune 20, 1890Born in Dypvåg
Thomas Alstrup AnfinsenOctober 28, 1877Born in Hisøy
Finn AnonsenMarch 8, 1921Born in New Orleans
Johan Morten AnstensenMarch 23, 1903Born in Grimstad
Kristian AnstensenOctober 11, 1906Born in Fjære, Grimstad
Lars Antonsen (Olsen)September 5, 1885Born in Søndeled
Richard AntonsenOctober 10, 1916Born in Høvåg, Ramsøy
Sverdrup Andreas AntonsenJanuary 1, 1916Born in Stavanger
Ansgar Apall-OlsenFebruary 21, 1896Born in Dypvåg
Edvin Apall-OlsenDecember 17, 1893Born in Dypvåg
Finn AraldsenMay 18, 1914Born in Flosta
Bjarne ArentsenMarch 10, 1893Born in Dypvåg
Gustav Arnold ArentsenMarch 11, 1890Born in Dypvåg
Finn AriansenJune 4, 1920Born in Lillesand