We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Arnold Holter AndreassenJuly 18, 1900Born in Fredrikstad
Arnt AndreassenOctober 8, 1889Lived in Alfheimsgt. 2, Fredrikstad
Bjarne Ording AndreassenFebruary 4, 1916Born in Fredrikstad
Egil AndreassenJanuary 28, 1922Born in Onsøy
Egil Gerner AndreassenFebruary 18, 1921Born in Hvaler
Halvard Arnstein AndreassenJanuary 21, 1920Born in Hvaler
Hans AndreassenSeptember 5, 1908Born in Onsøy
Hans Andreas AndreassenAugust 24, 1919Born in Fredrikstad
Hans Wegar AndreassenNovember 15, 1902Born in Sarpsborg
Harald AndreassenNovember 24, 1921Born in Rolfsøy
Herman AndreassenMarch 10, 1904Born in Onsøy
Ingvald Kristian Ødegaard AndreassenMarch 26, 1903Born in Fredrikstad
Ivar AndreassenDecember 24, 1908Born in Hvaler
Jens AndreassenFebruary 3, 1918Born in Fredrikstad
Johan Marinius AndreassenSeptember 8, 1861Born in Halden
Johannes AndreassenAugust 25, 1913Lived in Onsøy
John Ansgar AndreassenAugust 25, 1916Born in Onsøy
Johnny Eide AndreassenAugust 26, 1920Born in Glemmen
Juul Anker AndreassenJune 13, 1899Born in Onsøy
Karl August AndreassenJuly 21, 1874Born in Borge pr. Fredrikstad
Oddvar Henrik AndreassenSeptember 23, 1921Born in Skedsmo
Ole Andreas AndreassenJuly 14, 1883Born in Halden
Omar Rudolf AndreassenOctober 20, 1891Born in Hvaler
Rangvald Breder AndreassenAugust 22, 1905Born in Fredrikstad
Sverre AndreassenFebruary 26, 1898Born in Fredrikstad