We have so far registered 65,620 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Foo Chee Chew1913Born in Hainan
Tek Kong (Chew Tek) Chew (Keng)1908Lived in Carver Street, Singapore
Keong Ah Chew1908Born in Foochow
Lee B. ChewFebruary 15, 1907Born in Canton
Lee Hust Chew
Tan See Chew1902Born in Canton
Teck Leong ChewDecember 15, 1901Born in Canton
Tang Ah CheyNovember 24, 1915Born in Amoy
Z. Shai CheyBorn in Ningpo
Ah Chea
Ah Chong Chea
Foo Chiang1917Born in Hainan
Ngiam Twar ChiaBorn in Hong Kong
King Hoong Chiang1915Born in Ningpo
Lim Chiang1913Born in Swatow
Siang Tsu ChiaSeptember 22, 1910Born in Shantung
Tung Chia1890Born in Hong Kong
Mak ChickDecember 3, 1917Born in Canton
Tze Chick
Lee Ah ChieBorn in Swatow
Fok Chien1914Born in Canton
Sun Cheng Chien
W. Ah Chie
Lii Boon ChiewFebruary 15, 1908Born in Canton
Lim Chiew1910Born in Swatow