We have so far registered 63,711 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Leslie BaldingMay 24, 1921Born in Rayleigh
H. BaldrvinFebruary 28, 1922Born in New Market
R. H. Baldry
Dennis John BaldwinDecember 20, 1923Born in London
Edward BaldwinJanuary 11, 1911Born in Liverpool
Ernest BaldwinJune 6, 1912Born in Derby
Frederick BaldwinSeptember 15, 1915Born in London
H. BaldwinDecember 28, 1908Born in Derbyshire
George BalesNovember 10, 1918Born in Nottingham
Jim Balfe1922Born in Newport
A. Ball
Albert BallApril 4, 1922Born in London
Alf BallJanuary 24, 1914Born in Leicester
Fred BallangerFebruary 22, 1913Born in Birmingham
Donald BallSeptember 26, 1923Born in Bolton
I. J. BallettJune 13, 1925Born in S. Wales
William Ballock (Bullock)September 26, 1922Born in Middlesborough
Richard BallNovember 23, 1917Born in Leicester
William BallOctober 6, 1908Born in Birmingham
William BallApril 29, 1913Born in London
R. BalmforthOctober 24, 1923Born in Huddersfield
Joseph BanaghanFebruary 20, 1916Born in Paisley
Edward George BangleAugust 30, 1924Born in Actom
F. A. BanhamDecember 30, 1913Born in Essex
John A. Banister