We have so far registered 63,737 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John S. ChambersJuly 24, 1924Born in Melbourne, Australia
Sydney ChappellJune 10, 1918Born in Newcastle
William ChappelJune 11, 1920Born in London
Clive CharlesMarch 26, 1921Born in Lameroo
Frederick James ChatfieldJanuary 3, 1926
Roy ChiesaDecember 4, 1928Born in Holyoak
Lenard ChisholmMay 14, 1927Born in Petersham
Roy ChristensenMarch 30, 1926Born in Port Melbourne
William George ChristianJune 12, 1925Born in Sydney
Douglas ClarkOctober 6, 1919Born in Summer Hill
Francis Clarke
Thomas ClarkeSeptember 5, 1919Born in Sydney
William ClarkeJune 19, 1909Born in Sydney
James R. ClarkFebruary 27, 1926Lived in 23 Point Street Fremantle, Australia
William ClarkJune 9, 1909Born in Sydney
Keith ClaxtonJanuary 10, 1927Born in Melbourne, Vic.
James CleggAugust 30, 1917Born in Brisbane
Robert ClementsMay 29, 1927Born in Adelaide
W. Roberts Clifton (Roberts)January 28, 1921Born in Adelaide
William Herbert CloweJune 20, 1922Born in Sydney
William H. ColbourneDecember 9, 1905Born in Maryland
Espie ColemanOctober 23, 1921Born in Sydney
Irwin ColinOctober 27, 1926Born in Brisbane
David CollinsAugust 31, 1921Born in Sydney
William ConwayMarch 20, 1919Born in Trentham