We have so far registered 68,138 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kristian Andreas KanckMay 18, 1893Born in Bodin
Erling R. KandalDecember 3, 1916Born in Breim, Gloppen
August KandOctober 13, 1910Born in Soumiora, Estland
Israel KandelBorn in Rivers. Three
Robert KandidatoffMay 3, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Alexander KaneSeptember 16, 1915Born in Glasgow, UK
Andrew KaneSeptember 28, 1922Born in Greenock, UK
George KaneOctober 17, 1924Born in Peterboro, Canada
Gerard KaneSeptember 14, 1923Born in Salford, UK
Harry KaneFebruary 12, 1910Born in Gisborne, New Zealand
James KaneMarch 11, 1912Born in Glasgow, UK
James KaneApril 10, 1907Born in Glasgow, UK
James Joseph KaneFebruary 22, 1928Born in Moville, Irland
John KanelakosApril 6, 1913Lived in Ontario, Canada
Petris V. KanepsDecember 18, 1910Born in Latvia
Ronald KaneJune 25, 1924Born in Newcastle, UK
James KanesAugust 15, 1927
Arne Leonard KanestrømMarch 14, 1921Born in Kristiansund N
Jarl Frithjof KanestrømDecember 13, 1919Born in Kristiansund
Odd Jarl KanestrømNovember 20, 1920Born in Kristiansund
Oddvar Georg KanestrømMarch 29, 1926Born in Oslo
Oluf KanestrømJuly 18, 1890Born in Bolsø
Roald Sten KanestrømMay 16, 1919Born in Kristiansund N.
Sydney KaneAugust 15, 1924Lived in Campbeco St.Berwick, London
William KaneJanuary 26, 1912Born in Cardiff UK