We have so far registered 55,839 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Leonard ThorntonJuly 13, 1923Lived in 73 Gerrish Street, Halifax, Canada
Leonard ThorpeMay 8, 1919Born in Toronto, Canadfa
Frederick TiafenbeckFebruary 7, 1927Born in Keystone
Charles Edvin TimpsonApril 19, 1927Born in Long Branch
George TobinOctober 22, 1914Born in Sydney, Canada
James TobinJuly 14, 1923Lived in Fernieuse
Maurice TobinFebruary 17, 1899Lived in King Street, Sydney Mines, N.S., Canada
Raymond TobinLived in St. John, Newfoundland
Michael TomkoMarch 23, 1913Born in Sydney, Can.
Jeanne TorjussenFebruary 1, 1915Lived in 1456 Fort St. Montrea, P.Q., Canada
Daniel TormeyJune 29, 1898Born in Dublin
Kenneth TorrenceJanuary 20, 1926Born in Peterborough, Canada
Clifford TottenSeptember 19, 1922Born in Toronto, Canada
George TowerNovember 26, 1921Born in Dorchester, U.K.
Andrews TowersFebruary 9, 1926Born in Amhearst, Canada
Max W. TownsendSeptember 27, 1927Born in Walsingham, Canada
Alfred ToylorAugust 23, 1920Born in Toronto, Canada
Jeffrey E. TraverseyJanuary 30, 1925Born in Ottawa, Canada
Paul Emile TrebainerJanuary 7, 1923Born in Montreal, Canada
Norman TrenholmeDecember 29, 1924Born in Vancouver, Canada
Harold A. TrierJuly 30, 1918Lived in 3923 St.Urban St., Montreal, Canada
Percy TrimMarch 11, 1922Lived in Newfoundland, Canada
Edward TrippJune 16, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Henri Trudeau
Rouico A. TuerardJanuary 20, 1904