We have so far registered 65,810 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Albert MorrisonSeptember 15, 1918Lived in Chathamhead, N.B. Canada
Ellis MorrisonJune 28, 1913Lived in English Town N.S.
Jack S. MorrisonMay 17, 1922Born in River John
Thomas MortsonMay 7, 1922Born in Canada
Charles MoscovitchDecember 23, 1925Born in Momtreal
Alberth MosherNovember 1, 1925Born in Halifax
Maxwell MosherSeptember 11, 1924Born in Martins Point, Canada
Vernon MosherOctober 7, 1925Born in P. E. Island
William MosherJune 21, 1922Born in Riverport
Keith Donald MosleyOctober 17, 1927Born in Ontario
Edward MoultonJanuary 13, 1920Born in Newfoundland
George K. MoyerDecember 9, 1926Born in Quebec
James Moyes
Alton MoystJune 10, 1918Born in St. John
Alex MugfordJune 26, 1898Born in New Foundland
Alexander MuirApril 19, 1924Born in Stillarton
Clark MuirheadLived in 72 Old Orchard Gr. Tor.
Ronald MuirheadMay 3, 1923Born in Vanvouver
John W. MuirNovember 20, 1927Born in Vancouver
Thomas A. MuirJanuary 9, 1916Lived in Monarch Alberta Canada.
George MuiseAugust 27, 1916Born in New Waterford
John Patrick MullenLived in Niagara-falls
Dan MunroeOctober 28, 1926Born in Edmunton
John H. MunsinMay 14, 1927Born in Truro
Zebe MuntianJanuary 7, 1927Born in Ottava