We have so far registered 61,165 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Charles William Parrish
Walter ParryApril 22, 1927Born in Unienvilles, Canada
Andrew ParsonsOctober 10, 1918Born in Corner Brook, New Foundland
Charles ParsonsFebruary 1, 1914Born in Flatrock, New Foundland
Harold ParsonsFebruary 1, 1919Born in Toronto, Canada
Leslie ParsonsApril 5, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Alfred PartridgeSeptember 17, 1921Born in Toronto, Canada
Earl PaschelJuly 1, 1924Born in Halifax, Canada
Albert PatchellDecember 23, 1928Born in Toronto, Canada
Robert PatersonJuly 4, 1920Born in Nova Scotia, Canada
Eric PatonDecember 24, 1923Born in Montreal, Canada
Stephen PatrickNovember 23, 1917Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Jack PatryJanuary 2, 1920Born in Montreal, Canada
Wilford PatryJanuary 5, 1906Born in Quebeck, Canada
Charles PattenNovember 21, 1927Born in Grand Banks, New Foundland
Thomas PattersonAugust 6, 1925Born in Dartmouth, Canada
William PattersonDecember 22, 1919Born in Toronto, Canada
James PattieJuly 3, 1927Born in Halifax, Canada
Ronald Patton
Alec PaulencoJanuary 18, 1920Born in Leth Bridge, canada
Norman PaulingApril 10, 1917Born in Toronto, Canada
Madeleide Sally PaulsenMarch 6, 1912Lived in 16 Mercury Street, San Francisco
George Harold PaulsonJuly 10, 1926Born in Vancouver, Canada
Aurelev Marcel PaymentAugust 6, 1920Born in Hull, England
Alfred PayneDecember 4, 1913Born in Montreal, Canada