We have so far registered 65,725 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Willy ParirowskyJune 24, 1923
David ParishMay 15, 1925Born in London, England
Antonio ParisiMay 31, 1913Born in Palermo, Sicilia
Giorlando ParisiSeptember 6, 1921Born in Palermo, Sicilia
Giovanni ParisiSeptember 28, 1899Born in Capadel Cuto, Italia
Victor ParisiFebruary 24, 1927Born in Toronto, Canada
Christopher ParkenhamJuly 8, 1921Born in New York, USA
Joseph C. Parkent1915Born in Montreal, Canada
Albert ParkerMay 5, 1913
Alfred ParkerNovember 26, 1897Born in Kragerø
Arthur ParkerMay 30, 1917
Cyril E. ParkerMay 17, 1924Born in York, England
Donald ParkerOctober 21, 1923Born in Croydon, England
Edward ParkerBorn in Burnley, England
Gordon Frederick ParkerOctober 16, 1924Born in Long Branch, Canada
Harry ParkerDecember 28, 1920Born in Coventry, England
John ParkerMay 8, 1910Born in Melbourne, Australia
John ParkerDecember 24, 1923Born in London, England
John C. ParkerDecember 28, 1922Born in Hyde Kent, England
Joseph ParkerOctober 6, 1916Born in Cost Bridge, England
Matthew L. J. R. ParkerAugust 30, 1924Born in Newcastle, England
Michal ParkerOctober 19, 1924Born in London, England
Neil ParkerDecember 3, 1925Born in Manchester, England
Peter L. ParkerJanuary 14, 1922Born in Bournemouth, England
Richard Parker1919