We have so far registered 65,748 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Blair AmblerMarch 18, 1913Born in Rotherham, England
William AmbleDecember 17, 1920Born in England
J. Ameer (Amber)Lived in Ukjent
Frederick AmesMarch 1, 1923Born in Hull, Uk
Derrick AmeyJuly 22, 1922Born in London, Uk
Robert AmosAugust 26, 1911Born in Skottland, UK
Ronald George AmosOctober 21, 1919Born in Tredegar, Wales, Uk
William B. AmosMay 28, 1911Born in Cardiff, Uk
Albert AndersenDecember 6, 1914Born in Newcastle, Uk
Alf Ingvar AndersenJune 25, 1900Born in Tønsberg
Charles AndersenApril 21, 1927Born in England
Ernst Allan AndersenJuly 3, 1927Born in Hull, Uk
Gordon Harald AndersenJanuary 21, 1924Born in England
James C. AndersenMay 2, 1919Born in Edinburgh, Skottland
Joseph AndersenMarch 12, 1922Born in Liverpool, Uk
Neil H. AndersenDecember 16, 1924Born in Newport, Mon. Uk.
Normann AndersenDecember 3, 1914Born in Canada
Roderick M. AndersenMarch 28, 1926Born in Uk.
Alan A. AndersonFebruary 24, 1919Born in Glasgow, Uk
Charles AndersonDecember 25, 1923Born in Dunstan, Tyne, Uk
Charles Anderson1915Lived in 6 Bartletts Place, Reading, Berkshire. Uk.
Charles Gerone AndersonApril 8, 1906Born in London
Charles Henry (R.) AndersonBorn in Uk.
Eric AndersonSeptember 28, 1910Born in Uk
Ernst AndersonMarch 25, 1924Born in Newcastle, Uk