We have so far registered 59,774 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James CampbellNovember 26, 1927Born in Trinidad
James CampbellMarch 15, 1892Born in N. Irland
James CampbellAugust 15, 1924Born in Glasgow
James CampbellJuly 18, 1919Born in Liverpool U.K.
James Arthur CampbellSeptember 3, 1925Born in Londonderry, Irland
Jas CampbellOctober 23, 1908
John CampbellMarch 20, 1925Born in Paisley or Liverpool
John CampbellMarch 12, 1928
John CampbellNovember 21, 1921Born in Lewis
John(Jack?) CampbellFebruary 28, 1926Born in Londonderry, N.Irland
Kenneth CampbellApril 17, 1928
Kenneth CampbellDecember 4, 1922Born in Darwen
Kenneth D. CampbellMay 5, 1920Born in Coburg, Victoria, Australia
Leslie CampbellDecember 18, 1925Born in Barrasford, U.K.
Lloyd CampbellAugust 31, 1926Born in Halifax, N.S., Canada
Lorne M.T. CampbellMarch 26, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Mark CampbellMarch 4, 1921Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Patrick CampbellMarch 4, 1921Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Robert CampbellApril 12, 1924
Robert CampbellJanuary 6, 1925
Robert CampbellDecember 4, 1921
Robert J. CampbellJanuary 19, 1914Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Ronald A. CampbellFebruary 11, 1926Born in Edinburgh, Scotland
Vivian CampbellMarch 27, 1918Born in Trinidad
William CampbellJune 28, 1920Born in Cardiff, U.K.