We have so far registered 68,117 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John(Jack?) CampbellFebruary 28, 1926Born in Londonderry, N.Irland
Kenneth CampbellApril 17, 1928
Kenneth D. CampbellMay 5, 1920Born in Coburg, Victoria, Australia
Leslie CampbellDecember 18, 1925Born in Barrasford, U.K.
Lorne M.T. CampbellMarch 26, 1926Born in Toronto, Canada
Mark CampbellFebruary 4, 1921Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Patrick CampbellMarch 4, 1921Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Robert CampbellApril 12, 1924
Robert CampbellDecember 4, 1921
Robert J. CampbellJanuary 19, 1914Born in Winnipeg, Canada
Ronald A. CampbellFebruary 11, 1926Born in Edinburgh, Scotland
Vivian CampbellMarch 27, 1918Born in Trinidad
William CampbellJune 28, 1920Born in Cardiff, U.K.
William CampbellAugust 31, 1923Born in Glasgow, Scotland
William CampbellMarch 5, 1925
William CampbellJuly 30, 1927Lived in 276 Thornlietank Rd., Glasgow, Scotland
Edgar CampAugust 10, 1921Born in Liverpool U.K.
Frank CampellJune 24, 1909Born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
George CamphellAugust 3, 1923Born in Leith, U.K.
Edvard CampionOctober 30, 1924Lived in 26 Colesborne Road, Norris Green, Liverpool 11, England
Miguel CamposApril 27, 1916Born in Alineria
Thomas Joseph CampJune 14, 1924Born in Leicester U:K:
Cyril CamptonJuly 24, 1925Born in Lowdham
Van Camp
Costas CanarisApril 15, 1914Born in Calymnos, Hellas