We have so far registered 65,722 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Chen Wei ChihLived in Shanghai
Tsoa Shang ChihBorn in Ningpo
Liu Siung ChiBorn in Shantung
Liu The ChiApril 1, 1901Born in Chingwangtao
Liu Tuck ChiNovember 18, 1922Born in Tintsein
Luang Chi
Fook Chim
Ah ChinSeptember 15, 1898Born in Singapore
Bang Wah Chin1915Born in Hainan
Boo ChinAugust 8, 1918Born in Canton
Char Jiow ChinBorn in Shanghai
Chay Ah ChinBorn in Shanghai
Choy Tak Chin
Chan Chau Ching
Chang ChingJune 2, 1901Born in Shantung
Chan Wai Ching1920
Cheng Ching1919
Chen Wo ChingBorn in Foochow
Cheung Ah Ching
Chiu Foo Ching
Han Teh Ching1907
Ho Bao Ching
Hon Chong ChingBorn in Ningpo
Kaw Ching
Kvek Ping Ching