We have so far registered 65,771 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Bartholomew SeahillMarch 24, 1907
Leslie SealyOctober 13, 1900Born in London.
Robert SeathJune 21, 1924Born in London.
Herbert SeatonNovember 11, 1906Born in London.
G.A. SeckerDecember 15, 1915Born in Middelsbro.
Eric SeddonJune 29, 1913Born in Manchester.
James SeddonNovember 20, 1921Born in Salford.
Joseph Leonard SeddonJune 8, 1924Born in Hull.
Samuel SeedaleOctober 3, 1905
Edward SeelyJanuary 5, 1910Born in London.
Maurice SeeneyJanuary 19, 1896Born in London.
Robert J. SeeneyOctober 29, 1924Born in Banbury.
Monty SegalOctober 24, 1920Born in Cardiff.
Myer SegalFebruary 17, 1922Lived in London.
Harry SegdenMay 21, 1922Born in Birstall.
John W. SeggieMay 6, 1909Born in Scot.
Ronald F. G. SeilerJuly 19, 1924Born in Liverpool.
Philip SeilsAugust 29, 1923Born in Glasgow.
William SelbyJuly 17, 1918
George SelfOctober 17, 1897Lived in Poundry Rd. Prk. End. Southampton.
Leonard SelmanJanuary 21, 1922Born in Bristol.
David SelwoodMay 18, 1925Born in Cardiff.
Joseph SemanskyNovember 30, 1915Born in London
Stephen SemanskySeptember 12, 1919Born in London.
S. G. SemarkAugust 19, 1924Born in London.