We have so far registered 63,724 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
John S. LiebbrandtMarch 4, 1916Born in Blomefontein
James C. LiebenbergMarch 19, 1925Born in Cape Town
Edgar MaclonAugust 15, 1921Born in Durban, S.Africa
Alexander MacminuJuly 22, 1894Born in Ixopo, South Africa
William ManiosiDecember 12, 1901Born in Adams
Kistnasamy ManishusenMarch 23, 1919Born in Durban, S.Africa
Steven MapumuloBorn in Umkomas
John MartinJune 22, 1920Born in S.Africa
Edwan (Edwin) Mayall (Moyall)September 7, 1924Born in Cape Town, S.Africa
Joseph Mbayi1911Born in Isipingo, South Africa
William D. McCarthyAugust 28, 1922Born in Benoni, S.Afrika
John N. McCenical (McGonigal)January 5, 1924Born in Sør Afrika
Cyril McDonaldOctober 17, 1923Born in Durban
James McDonaldOctober 16, 1907Born in Cape Town
B. McEachernJune 10, 1920Lived in 21 Worchester Road, Cape Town.
George McIntoshDecember 21, 1921Born in Edinburg
Joseph McKenzieSeptember 6, 1913Born in Kimberley
Alexander McLeodAugust 27, 1913Born in Johannesburg
Bernhard MillwardMay 23, 1919Born in Cape Town, Sør-Afrika
Lehm Momo1903
James MoonsamyJuly 7, 1920Born in Durban
Eric L. MorganFebruary 15, 1924Born in Durban
Leslie N. MorganNovember 10, 1924Born in Durban
Obed Mtembu1897Born in Eshowe
Peter MunikMay 30, 1926Born in Cape Town