We have so far registered 57,178 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Peter Lorentz Sigholt Boysen BennecheOctober 14, 1917Born in Kristiansand
Alf Ingvard BentsenDecember 22, 1922Born in Stavanger
Einar Bendiks BentsenFebruary 2, 1901Born in Vestre Moland
Ivar BerekvamFebruary 25, 1906Born in Imsland
Olaf Monrad BerekvamNovember 2, 1902Born in Stavanger
Bertil M. BerentsenApril 24, 1916Born in Haugesund
Gustav BerentsenJanuary 10, 1906Born in Stavanger
Sverre Nicol BerentsenJune 28, 1907Born in Stavanger
Dorhald BergAugust 3, 1905Born in Halden
Anders BergeFebruary 12, 1918Born in Haugesund
Bjarne Paulin BergeFebruary 12, 1903Born in Stavanger
Engel BergedalOctober 16, 1903Born in Varaldsøy
Edvard Martinius BergeMay 12, 1922Lived in Stavanger
Johannes BergeApril 5, 1894Born in Stavanger
Kåre BergeJuly 11, 1921Born in Stavanger
Leif BergeJuly 10, 1920Born in Stavanger
Olav Bernhard BergeFebruary 18, 1920Born in Haugesund
Reidar BergeJanuary 22, 1916Born in Sandnes
Harry BergersenSeptember 11, 1915Born in Haugesund
Sigurd Brynjulf Velde BergerDecember 27, 1906Born in Stavanger
Berge Sigval BergesenJuly 25, 1919Born in Stavanger
Sverre Birger BergeAugust 27, 1918Born in Stavanger
Trygve BergeMarch 13, 1900Born in Stavanger
Trygve Emil BergeApril 9, 1913Born in Skjold
Åge William BergeNovember 7, 1921Born in Holla