We have so far registered 65,633 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
James WalkinshawJanuary 23, 1920Lived in 138 Invy Ave., Toronto, Canada
Albert WallaceAugust 28, 1921Born in London, U.K.
Cecil W. Fr. WallaceAugust 15, 1906Born in Swindon, U.K.
Derreck E WallaceAugust 7, 1928Born in Perth, Australia
Fred Thomas WallaceJuly 6, 1925Born in Carlyle, Sask., Canada
Harry L. WallaceOctober 16, 1915Born in Broken Hill, N.S.W., Australia
Harry V. WallaceFebruary 14, 1909Born in Canada
Herman Alexander WallaceApril 19, 1892Born in Bergen
James Wallace
James WallaceMarch 16, 1924
John WallaceAugust 10, 1925Lived in 14 Leadbuen Street
John I. WallaceDecember 12, 1923Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Leonard E. Wallace
Norman WallaceJuly 16, 1916Lived in 28 Brand Rd., Durban, S.Africa
Paul WallaceJune 11, 1917Born in Balselawa
R. Wallace
William WallaceJune 5, 1923Born in Silkeworth
William WallaceNovember 13, 1926Born in Glasgow, Scotland
Johan Tønder WallandMarch 21, 1895Born in Herøy på Helgeland
Harold WallbankAugust 23, 1904Born in Hyde, Cheshire, U.K.
Knut Evert WallbergOctober 27, 1920Born in Askim, Sverige
Bernard WallMay 14, 1922Born in London, U.K.
Bertie O. WallDecember 7, 1922Born in Cardiff, U.K.
Robert WallbridgeJune 22, 1927Born in Manchester
Arne-Sigvald WalleJune 28, 1920Born in Bergen