We have so far registered 65,620 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Kwei Lien Ching
Lee Ah ChingFebruary 26, 1900Born in Shanghai
Lee Ming ChingLived in Swatow
Lim Ah Ching
Ling Ching
Ling ChingLived in Shanghai
Ling Veng ChingLived in Ningpo
Lun Chung Ching1915Born in Swatow
Mio Ze Ching
Pong Ching
San Shoo Ching
Shing Ah Ching
Shia Ah Ching
Sp Ching
Sum Shae Ching1908
Ting Shou ChingJuly 6, 1917Born in Shanghai
Tsai Hai ChingJanuary 17, 1916Born in Ningpo
Wang Ho ChingBorn in Swatow
Wang Mei Ching
Wong Ho Ching
Wong Ts. Ching1924Born in Shanghai
Ng Yam ChiBorn in Kwangtang
Yu Pao ChingLived in Shanghai
John Ta ChinBorn in Shantung
Kung Mong Chin