We have so far registered 64,604 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
K. J. StokesDecember 18, 1923Born in Abardare
Peter L. StokoeJanuary 20, 1925Born in Gateshead
Charlie StonebridgeMay 17, 1915Born in Dewsbury
Claude StoneSeptember 1, 1914Born in Cardiff
Philip StoneJune 9, 1914Born in London
William StoneMarch 16, 1916Born in Lincoln
Frank StopfoothMay 19, 1922Born in Liverpool
Arthur StorieNovember 24, 1915Born in Newcastle on Tyne
Horvard Storms
Jack StowOctober 22, 1921Born in Oldham
Karl Bernhardt StrandJanuary 6, 1892Born in Volda
Richard StrangFebruary 18, 1925Born in Glasgow
Geo. H. StratfordJuly 23, 1910Born in Manchester
Norman Strauss1919
Edward StrawDecember 27, 1916Born in London
Raymond StrideFebruary 10, 1921Born in Birmingham
E. StringerMarch 1, 1914Born in Leeds
Tom Strother
Vincent StroudMarch 27, 1925Born in Chiswick
Oskar StrømmenJune 6, 1901Born in Davik
Donald StuartFebruary 19, 1919Born in Glasgow
Edward S. StuartOctober 16, 1919Lived in 19 Fowler Terrace, Handon, Sunderland
Ernest StuartMay 10, 1921Born in London
James StuartOctober 7, 1905Born in Bamffshire
Edgard Ch. SturgassDecember 20, 1917Born in Birmingham