We have so far registered 62,021 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Fredrick Charles SpencerJune 8, 1915Born in London. England
George SpencerOctober 19, 1909Born in Liverpool, England
Jack SpencerApril 20, 1915Born in Manchester, England
John Bruce SpencerNovember 16, 1923Born in Castle, England
Leonard SpencerFebruary 12, 1901Born in Hitchen, England
William SpencerNovember 25, 1918Born in Hull, England
Leslie SpenderJune 7, 1912Born in London, England
G. L. SpenserFebruary 21, 1909Born in Woodford Green, England
Ronald SpenserAugust 1, 1925Born in Silverstone, England
Gilbert SperringApril 16, 1903Born in Veston S. Mare, England
Derek SpiceNovember 23, 1925Born in Kingston, Jamaica
Frederick John SpicerApril 17, 1901Born in Williamstown, Australia
Herbert SpongApril 20, 1909Born in Lightwater, England
Cyril Spooner
Mathew SprattBorn in Blyth, England
Colin SprinallJune 27, 1923Born in Sheffield, England
Herbert SpringateBorn in Liverpool, England
Robert V. SpringApril 11, 1924Born in Northampton, England
William SprinkOctober 3, 1917Born in Castleford, England
Alexander SproullMay 18, 1922Born in Glasgow, Scotland
D. G. SpruceApril 3, 1923Born in Chester, England
Leonard SpurgeonSeptember 5, 1921Born in Boxsted, England
G. Spurr
Dudley StaceyAugust 26, 1916Born in Durban, Sør-Afrika
George Stacey