We have so far registered 65,254 seafarers

NameBornPlace of birth (place of living shown if missing)
Thomas SuettApril 14, 1923Born in Birmingham
Thomas Sullivan
Harold Sutcliffe1915Born in Manchester
Rex SuthertonMay 20, 1905Lived in 53 Kingsmead, Pontefragt, Yorkshire
George SuttonSeptember 7, 1920Born in London
John SuttonMay 14, 1921Born in Liverpool
Dennis SveeneyMay 2, 1923Born in Stratford
Robert SwadleOctober 29, 1916Born in Dunston on T.
George SwainJune 12, 1920Born in Widnes
Harold SwanAugust 26, 1908Born in Glossop
James SwanSeptember 26, 1905Born in Edinburgh
Leslie SwanMarch 24, 1902Born in London
George A. SwannApril 27, 1920Born in London
R. SwanApril 7, 1917Born in Paston, Berwick
Robert SweeneyApril 12, 1910Born in Glasgow
Robert SweeneyMay 2, 1923Born in Manchester
Terence SweeneySeptember 26, 1922Born in Liverpool
Douglas SweetFebruary 20, 1920Born in Bristol
Georg SweetingJanuary 24, 1922Born in London
George Thomas Sweeting
Frederick SwiftOctober 12, 1913Born in Salisbury
Thomas SwifttOctober 24, 1906Born in Ormskirk
Eric SwindenSeptember 2, 1923Lived in 106 Cliffe Field Road, Meersbrook, Sheffield
James SwintonFebruary 11, 1920Born in Pencaitland
Arthur V. SykesMay 9, 1917Born in Brighouse